Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Uh-Oh -- Mercury is in retrograde...!

According to astrologists everywhere, Mercury will be in retrograde in Scorpio from 10/21 to 11/10. Everything will be wonky for the next three weeks -- eight weeks for the whole thing, according to some. That means the entire month of November is a bust, if you're enough of a hippie to follow that sort of thing.  And let's face it: isn't there a little bit of a hippie in all of us?

How wonky will things get? I suppose that depends on who you ask -- and which planet rests in your sign.  I think it feels like my world is still turning and yet everything is on pause.  This gives me a moment to assess and reassess, and get my proverbial house in order.

Here's a few highlights. (You've heard this stuff before, right?)
  • Expect lots of missed calls, missed appointments, wrong messages, computer glitches, your smartphone on the fritz, misleading information, weird misunderstandings, slower connections and the like -- because Mercury rules communication.
  • It also affects all modes of travel, so expect traffic jams, delays, holdups, etc.
  • Commitments made during this period are most often not kept, so don't make any binding agreements of any kind (ie marriages, contracts)
  • No medical appointments. No surgery.  (Mercury rules the hands, apparently.)
  • Don't start anything new -- no relationships, no jobs, no splashy career moves -- because according to lore, they won't last. 
  • Don't buy anything major.  Like a house.
Here's another way to look at Mercury in retrograde.
  •  This moment is all about ordering your inner world.  (Sounds like a spa visit is in order.)
  • 'Tis the season to trim the fat from your life in every way imaginable, whatever that means. Let go of excess. Tie up loose ends. Finish whatever you started -- whatever it is.
  • This is a good time to clear the decks -- edit your closets, clear out that pesky junk room, get organized.
  • It's also a good time to deal with anything that's lingering, whether it's spiritual (forgive that idiot), emotional (the ex you're still in love with), work-related (finish that frackin' project) or physical (drop that last 10 lbs already)
  • Rewrites are favored -- so, there's my silver lining. 
And I thought I was having a spring cleaning fit.

This nice white robot lady explains Mercury in retrograde in fairly clear terms. Enjoy!

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