Wednesday, October 30, 2013 much gratitude...

  1. i’m grateful for God’s presence in my moment-to-moment life.
  2. i’m grateful for intuition, that sixth sense, the ability to simply know things. when i listen to it, when i let go and trust it, it’s never wrong.
  3. i’m grateful that my marriage is more beautiful than my wedding.
  4. i’m grateful that i’m following through all the way, truly committed to doing the purely physical hard work that it takes, the hard choices that must happen in order for me to transition into on-camera work: namely, i’m losing weight; i’m getting my teeth fixed (thank God for invisalign); and i’m growing my hair out (go team natural). everything is coming together, at long last – finally. it’s nothing short of a miracle.
  5. i’m grateful that i wake up with more and more ideas – songs, lyrics, plotlines, recipes. you name it. i don’t know if any of it is good or not but there sure is a lot of it. i wonder where it comes from.

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