Thursday, August 01, 2013

a random snapshot

i have three songs to learn for a musical theater audition on saturday. when i got stuck and couldn't find anyone to plunk out a particular melody for me, i called a blactress and thanks to her, i reconnected with a pianist who had my back when i found myself lost somewhere inbetween an audition and a callback a few months ago. he's a nice midwestern white boy from kansas city who lives a few blocks away from me. and that's exactly where our story would end -- in kansas city where he's visiting his folks until monday -- if it weren't for his quick thinking.  a flurry of emails ensued and ka-BOOM -- i've got mp3s of the melody and the chords without the melody, so i can sing along to it and practice.  unfortunately, i won't be able to go into that room with a pianist but i will go in ready. you really can't get much better than that.

is this guy a gem or what.

i don't feel bad when i don't get the gig.  i feel bad if i did a lousy audition and i don't get the gig. usually, there's at least a million reasons for not getting the gig and hardly any of them have anything to do with talent.  but that's really difficult to explain to people who have these weird ideas about what it takes to make it in the entertainment industry because they watch way too much pop tv and they think that talent matters.

ok, enough with the beating of that dead horse. back to learning these songs, guitar practice, p & g tips, pilates and the grace that gets me through all of it.

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