Wednesday, May 08, 2013

...these are a few of my favorite things...

Oprah's got her list, I've got mine.  So there.

1. Talenti Gelato --  Straight outta Dallas, Texas -- where else? -- this Italian delicacy (by way of Argentina's helado) is the best-selling gelato in the country.  The only reason why its #3 on the premium ice cream list is because you haven't tried it yet. I haven't touched my ice cream maker since I fell into a pint of this stuff. Woe is me.

2. BonChon -- Hands down far and away without a doubt the best fried chicken wings I've ever had in a restaurant.  Dizzyingly, astonishingly good.

3. Curlbox --  This is an inexpensive, exclusive, monthly subscription service created, owned and operated by a sister that's filled with natural hair products galore. (And yes, her company was the first to cater to natural hair.) I get to try out all kinds of wonderful stuff from the comfort of my own couch -- videos. Twist outs and curl creams and leave ins, oh my! No wonder my hair is growing like crazy.

4. Bra Smyth -- Oprah was right: most women (85%?!?!?) are wearing the wrong bra size. Kind of makes you wonder who told you which bra to get in the first place.  I don't know how I ended up with what I did, but I was way off -- by, like, two cup sizes. (Egad.) Until I whittle my way back down into a size that I can pluck off the rack at H&M, the upper west side's Bra Smyth is my spizzot. I especially like the little parlor-like fitting rooms and how attentive the ladies are, to get the measurements just right.

5. SEW Bespoke Clothing -- MPB is too big and tall to buy most clothing off the rack. When its time to get his next suit, this is where I'm taking him.

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