Monday, September 19, 2011

nyc avalanche

i'm up to my neck in rewrites for next week's show at dixon place and another funky fresh idea that i can't stop thinking about, i'm decluttering the apartment a little every day and editing my closets in anticipation of fall/winter, i'm assembling everything i'll need to make a cool video for my kickstarter campaign to finish my black americana album and all i can think of, aside from how slow i am in boxing conditioning class when i'm doing mitt work and how badly i need a mani/pedi, is this bread pudding recipe. that bourbon sauce looks potent.

i'm almost afraid to make it because i'll just eat most of it, so the next dinner party is going to get a nice big one, hot and fresh. in the meantime, i'm bringing letitia a green tomato pie to our brooklyn rehearsal tomorrow night. won't she be pleased?

in the meantime, the great news is that i'm running 2 miles a day -- pushing towards hitting a 10 minute mile. i hate running, so i figure if i do a mile right after each boxing conditioning class and get it overwith, i'll raise my stamina considerably. somehow, after wearing myself out so thoroughly and leaving the room with an all over ache that only a long sitdown in a steam room can get rid of, running that fast for that long is nothing.

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AJ Muhammad said...

Hi Queen Esther:
You had mentioned directors so here's a list of directors you may want to contact re: the Billie Holiday /Zora Neal Hurston project and they're all on facebook and some of them you probably already know--
Patricia McGregor
Lydia Fort
Daniel Banks
Monica Williams
Nicole Watson
Passion Rhonda Hansome
Jonathan McCrory
Talvin Wilks
Keith Lee Grant
Niegel Smith