Thursday, May 26, 2011

the next gig -- the lounge at edison ballroom, friday 6/3

i am so looking forward to this gig! i'll be (mostly) singing songs from billie holiday's earliest recordings with my happy little quartet, the lads of joy, in one of the last great ballrooms in new york city, in the heart of broadway. it's a wonderful excuse for anyone to get glam and lounge. my birthday is on june 30th, and i tend to do something fun every day until my new year sails in. wheeeee!

creatively, i'm still traipsing through the front end of billie holiday's discography after the stellar gig at lenox lounge for the harlem jazz shrines festival in mid may. refining a lot of songs for my next move. stay tuned.

and yes, yes, yes. the price of admission includes top shelf open bar. i mean, yikes! nevermind the hot jazz, the cool burlesque, an emcee that's a dandy, or even a wfmu dj named gaylord. there will be finely crafted cocktails and hors d'oeuvres, all night long -- gratuity included.

see you there!

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