Saturday, March 05, 2011

The 2011 Emerging Artists Winter Residency Performances at The Kitchen, 3/21

This is a showcase for an idea I've been carrying around in the pit of me for way too long -- a one person show about reparations called The Big Payback. Actually, I was actively developing it off and on awhile back but other things rushed in as is often the case in New York City and the project got derailed. The winter residency with The Field was an ideal way to grow this concept all over again.

I shall always be forever grateful for those many rehearsal hours that eagerly awaited me, deep in the heart of West Chelsea. I trudged through the filthy snow in the dark, pushed and shoved along by the wind and sometimes the black ice. Armed with a laptop, a pair of indestructible snowpants and a vivid imagination, I made my way to the safety of a warm incubatory space. Unbelievable, how much of this piece I fleshed out in that room.

I should spend every winter hibernating creatively. It would be worth it, if I could always have results like this.

I always meant to have a live music component but this has evolved to include multimedia, too -- images, video, some interviews maybe -- which really excites me for some strange reason. I really want to be inclusive on this subject and not just go on about 40 acres and a mule because clearly, reparations is a global issue.

Now that I have a wonderful director in Mr. Ken Roberson to steer this project, a rough draft -- and with this performance, a videotaped segment -- this train has finally left the station.

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Emerging Artist Residency Showcase
Maija Garcia

Presented by The Field

Monday, March 21st



The Kitchen

512 West 19th Street

between 10th and 11th Avenues



In Advance with Visa or Mastercard

or Cash at the door

Join us for an evening of works-in-progress as the Winter 2011 Emerging Artist Residents harvest their creative crop...

Artists include:

Queen Esther

Maija Garcia

Sara Zimmerman

Josselyn Levinson

Yanghee Lee

Marie Christine Katz

Becky Radway Dance Projects

Workshops facilitated by Susan Oetgen

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