Thursday, February 03, 2011

shirley chisholm, we need you

i keep forgetting that it's black history month because as far as i'm concerned, that's every month. so i'm going to do what i usually do and go on and on about whatever amazing negro pops into my head. today is no exception.

ah, shirley chisholm -- the first black woman elected to congress, the first major party black candidate to run for president and the first woman to run for the democratic presidential nomination. she was also an educator and an author, and (in my opinion) a gifted orator. if you haven't seen the 2005 documentary shirley chisholm: unbought and unbossed, you are missing out on something truly spectacular: the awesome visual of a black woman, unflinching and surrounded by hippies, feminists, young voters -- with presence and poise, an absolute powerhouse -- as she delivers the goods.

here's the trailer for the documentary.

...and here's a few wise words from mrs. chisholm herself.

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