Tuesday, February 08, 2011

another one?

here's the trailer for the green lantern -- another hollywood big budget popcorn masterpiece. frankly, i'm shocked that it isn't in 3-d.

i have no idea why i don't love ryan reynolds as much everyone else does. this movie probably won't change my mind but the special effects look awe-inspiring -- and there'll probably be enough sassy one-liners to hold my interest if the script sucks.

did you know that the green lantern from the non-comic books -- the one in the cartoons who hung out in the justice league in the 80s -- was a black man named john stewart? when it was time to make the movie, fans of the chartreuse superhero were left bitching, uh, i mean wondering why they put a white guy in the on-screen role. or so says my permanent boyfriend, who knows such things because lives deep in the geek forest, in a mancave filled with comic books and beer. oh, but don't believe him -- this trailer tells the entire history of the green lantern, in so much high brow supernerdy detail, it's actually a little weird.

here's a thought: if they're really going to troll through every comic book ever written to make movies, when are they going to bring black lightning to the masses?

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AJ Muhammad said...

You said you were wondering why they put a white guy in the onscreen role of the Green Lantern.

I guess the producers and studio didn't think that a black man in the Green Lantern suit would bring in the green so they brought in Reynolds.

And I too ask why does everybody love him so much because to me his acting is gangrene!