Wednesday, January 06, 2010

kwanzaa is STILL here!

at least, it is for me.

yeah, that's right. believe it or not, i'm still working on a few special kwanzaa presents. the truth is, i decided to get craftsy this year, instead of cooking or baking - although i did promise jane a platter of thick cut smothered pork chops. (i swear, i think she'd do just about anything for pigmeat. and that probably includes chitlins. or should i say chitterlings?) and of course, i have to make a pound cake for my girl at barrio chino.

what i'm making is kind of top secret and it has to be assembled just so, with digital photos and photoshop and rhinestones. and chemicals! seriously scary chemicals, actually. the kind you combine to make a hard plastic coating.

more later as things develop.

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