Saturday, January 02, 2010

new year, new me

heh. not really.

nothing has changed, but something has been altered. everything is illuminated. and fortified. this is where the rubber hits the road - as long as i have breath in me, i'm not ever giving up, no matter what it is. period.

i slid into the new year sideways, in slow motion - like i was stealing bases. i felt like i was running on empty when i finally got home in the wee hours of new year's day so i went to bed and stayed there until sleep left me alone. i hit the ground running late the next day but i'm still not sure i've snapped out of it.

what's more luxurious than oversleep? nothing.

of course, those black eyed peas were the first thing to hit my stomach in the new year. it's a black southern thing, evidently, because i know a whole slew of (white) yankees that didn't know anything about it. here's something hardly anyone knows: the black eyed pea originated in china and was brought to the south by africans. we've been eating them down there for well over 300 years. i can't ever remember a new year's eve without them.

i made some for my band at the salon soiree, too. i'm hardly superstitious but a bowlful of a little bit of good luck and prosperity never hurt anyone.

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