Saturday, August 22, 2009

another day, another list

when i said most actors have to do more than one thing well to make a living, i meant it. you don't even want to get into what i've done already, so here's a list of all the stuff i do currently. where's y0urs?

  1. Freelance writer
  2. Producer
  3. Voiceover artist (commercial, animation)
  4. Solo performer
  5. Teacher/kiddie wrangler
  6. Proofreader
  7. Librettist
  8. Vocal teacher/coach
  9. Medical narrator
  10. Lyricist
  11. Blues singer
  12. Playwright
  13. Cabaret performer
  14. Medical copy editor
  15. Copy editor
  16. Essayist
  17. Musical theater performer
  18. Actor (theater/film/tv/commercials)
  19. Writer
  20. Jazz singer
  21. Performance artist
  22. Torch singer
  23. Songwriter
  24. Jingle singer


AJ Muhammad said...

You forgot:

25. Blogger
26. Memoirist
27. Photographer
28. Wife

and the list goes on!!!!!!!!

queenesther said...

You are sooooooo right - the list goes on! - but I don't think of "Wife" as work/job/career, though...

Actually, I don't feel like a wife at all. My title should be "Permanent Girlfriend" - because that's exactly the way he treats me. (Ha.)