Monday, January 07, 2008

travel tips from this blackgrrl on the go

yeah, i know. you're not me. but if you're anything like me (and who isn't!), you'll need something on this list. i intend to do quite a bit of traveling this year, so i thought i'd touch on and review my favorite grrl gear and share it with all of you.

  1. flip flops. put your shoes away and put these on when you get to the airport. if you do, you'll be the one to breeze through security.

  2. a well-equipped pda. it's nice to have all the information you need on a city in the palm of your hand. and other stuff too. like an up-to-the-minute currency converter. a clothes size converter. and basic phrases in a dozen languages, stuff like where's the bathroom and when is the train leaving and who do you think you are. heh. stuff like that.

  3. noise-cancelling headphones. this is essential, for obvious reasons. although they're pricey, they're worth every nickel. believe me -- when you're stuck next to that bratty screaming kid, you know you'll wish you had them. i highly recommend BOSE.

  4. a pocket roll-up piano. if i can get to a flat surface, i can practice the piano. amazing.
  5. an ebook reader. i want one of these more than i want an iPhone. of course everybody's got their version -- sony's is beautiful, amazon's looks straight outta the 70's, like tandy manufactured it -- and everybody has drm issues. they've got to get all of that straight before i pay $299 for anything. i'm sure apple will come out with their better, more streamlined and way more expensive version and blow everyone else's completely out of the water. i don't care. the idea of taking 160 books on the road with me without having to actually tote them around is very appealing. in the meantime, instead of buying the latest crap fashion magazine at the airport kiosk, lose yourself in a graphic novel. i highly recommend Fun Home.

  6. basic black tea -- preferrably Earl Grey. because somewhere in there, somebody's going to work your last nerve. you'll need a cup of tea to calm all the way down and unless you're headed for the UK, you're not going to get it. case in point: nobody seems to have any decent tea anywhere down south. (and no, Lipton doesn't even rank.) getting decent black tea (twinings, for example) is a trip and a journey. you don't walk to the bodega at the corner, new yorkers: you get in the car and drive to the piggly wiggly, the cub foods, the red & white. and then you have to find parking. and then when you get inside, you have to find the right aisle. really, it's too much. way easier to reach into my purse and pull out some lapsang souchong. (oh, and watch out for that flavored non-dairy coffee mate. it's a lu-lu.)

  7. a sports bra and running shoes. because no matter where you're going, you will feel the need to hit the gym and run a mile. i eat like a longshoreman, so working out is essential.

  8. of course you're bringing your laptop. but if you're without an iPod or an iPhone like me because you're not ultrapayloaded just yet, you might want to join -- if there's an internet connection, there's always a ton of great music.

  9. a digital photo frame. this is a beautiful thing. all your happy moments, ever changing and at a glance. last -- and if your skin is anything like mine, certainly not least...

  10. khiel's lotion, lip balm and hand cream and liquid soap. i can't even walk to the mailbox without these products. because it's a dry, dry world out there. and i'm the blackgrrl that needs moisture constantly.


CW said...

Can we find an airport without screeners, stupid rules, screaming kids, endless checkin rigamarole???

Thought I'd try...LOL


queenesther said...

yeah. it's called your own private plane, parked in the terminal of your choice. or someone else's. heh. check back with me when i've met some famous people who i'll make an effort to befriend when it's time to travel. until that happens, i really have to gear up to go anywhere.