Friday, January 25, 2008

Peru Negro!

who knew that peru had black cultural traditions? i didn't. africans have a global presence that has definitely gone undocumented/unresearched in latin america. out of a population of 23 million peruvians, there are over two million african-peruvians. we really are everywhere! peru negro, a 20 member ensemble that's sparked a resurgence in their homeland, are going to perform at the world music institute on saturday night. this dance company is considered to be a national treasure in peru?

i'm very curious -- especially since my friend and i may go to macchu picchu next year.

this is why i love living in new york city: because beautiful art in every genre comes here from all over the world -- sometimes to the exclusion of anyplace else. of course, having access to these things doesn't mean anything if you don't go and see them. and let's face it: most new yorkers don't.


faboo said...

Peru Negro is awesome! I saw them last year and my friend's cousin is one of the dancers.

I have friends from Peru who have blond/blue-eyed cousins on one side and black cousins on the other. Same as most of my friends from Central and South America There's a group of Peruvians here I hang with sometimes. I met them back in '97 and had assumed they were Belizeans because they were black. Nope, all from Peru.

What still trips me up after 18 years are the Japanese Argentinians and I have like 7 Japanese-Argentinian friends. It still floors me when they speak Spanish.

Oh and the Indians and Chinese in Jamaica speaking patois tripped me up too. Talk about the expected unexpected!

queenesther said...

we're seriously thinking about honeymooning in macchu picchu, so of course i started delving into peruvian culture. what a surprise to find african-peruvians!

i'm about to get some afro-peruvian jazz. (gunnar of sweden suggested this album.) missed an afro-peruvian jazz concert at nyu the other night. so apparently, now that this has become my latest obsession, more of it will come to me.

Jose said...

Check out Susana Baca

HappyBrownGirl said...

just saw them last night here in Atlanta after seeing them some years ago in NYC