Thursday, January 11, 2007

The Mild Winter Of My Contentment

You have new Picture Mail!

last saturday, my friend and i decided to celebrate the 70 plus degree temperature by walking to the little red lighthouse that's tucked underneath the george washington bridge. we walked along the bike path to get there, stopping occasionally to take in the picture-perfect day. at one point, as i turned around to take in the brilliance of the sun over the water i realized that i had forgotten my camera and i was profoundly disappointed. but then i remembered that my treo had a camera. that's what i used to take these pictures. not bad for a phone.

the little red lighthouse

evidently, the little red lighthouse is quite the landmark: built in 1921, deactivated in 1947 and saved by millions of little children because of a book that told its story. in the fall, there's a little red lighthouse festival with food and music, a hayride (!!!) and lighthouse tours. i wonder if its haunted?

well. that was last weekend. this one includes a national "black" holiday (the only national black holiday, actually), one that has most of my friends working -- except the black folk i know who refuse to not take the day off. to celebrate dr. king and his life's work, i just might go see little richard at bb king's. then again, being who i really am, without apology or explanation -- an uppity negress, basically -- is celebration enough.

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