Sunday, February 12, 2006

no, i still haven't heard anything.

i'm kind of in the process of forgetting all about my little iPod week. if i was going to get it, they would have called me by now, i guess. especially if they're going to shoot on tuesday. then again, there's a nor'easter in full bloom right now (it's actually snowing sideways, believe it or not) and a lot of airports have shut down. like, most of them along the eastern seaboard. and besides, phil said he'd call me whether i got it or not. so maybe it's still up in the air.

renee is talking to me like it's a done deal. very amusing.

i'm wondering if i'll be able to do the interview/performance for WDVR's Blue Monday tomorrow night. it's in sergeantsville, new jersey -- 90 minutes away in good weather.

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