Thursday, February 09, 2006

iPod audition

the description of what they wanted was right next to the sign-in sheet. i took it when i was in for the valtrex commercial the day before, so i could look it over and ingest it. here's the gist of it:

We want people who look like 70's Hipsters, Neo-Hippies, who dance 70's style -- not polished -- lots of energy!!! Listen to the music, feel the music. These are cool kids with their own style and are great movers.

We're doing one minute or so of 70's dance. There will be a bongo drum in the studio, but only do something with it if it feels natural. Otherwise, it's a prop or something to ignore.


If we start seeing Pirouettes, Broadway or Hip-Hop, we will start throwing sharp objects at you. To be direct, no Ballet, Broadway or Hip-Hop.

It's 70's 70's 70's.

of course i thought about renee and asked her to come to the audition with me. i told her to call dana who agreed to come in, too. i figured i could sneak them in before or after me and they could just put my agent's name on their photos, no problem. but then my agent called back and said that if i knew of anyone else, i could bring them in. i gave them their names and they gave me their appointment times.

all of it came together so beautifully, it was a little weird.

i had no idea what to wear but i knew that my hair had to be in a gigantic afro. the bigger, the better -- and that was going to take a lot of work. i had a psychedelic looking dress but no boots. and then -- no lie -- the doorbell rang and my favorite ups guy presented me with a box -- boots that i'd ordered weeks before and forgotten about that matched the outfit perfectly. how creepy is that? i did a natural matte finish on my face with a red mouth and set out to meet renee at columbus circle but we didn't connect until we got to the audition. it was packed again and everyone was the same as they were before. even renee was like, why all the shade? it was fun, though.

before renee got there, i walked around the corner to the bathroom and almost walked into this tall dark lanky good-looking gay white broadway chorus boy doing pirouettes in front of a big mirror. i gasped and then i made him stop. "i didn't see the write up," he said after i explained his huge wrong turn -- grateful but somewhat defensive. "aren't you glad i did?" i replied. and we laughed.

it was the end of the day. the blonde that took me into the room had pretty much had it. as soon as it started, it was over. i don't even know what i did, but i'm pretty sure i looked like a spaz. but i had fun, so i'm sure i did well. i always dance great when i'm having fun.

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