Friday, September 02, 2005

the golden lady

the golden lady
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as i wandered around montreal's latin section, i looked up to see this golden statue which was as big as me and gleaming in the sun as though it had a life of its own. i saw the stars floating around her head and almost instantly, in a flash, i saw myself with such a crown on my head, wearing a vintage dress and singing. i remember that the stars were silver and that they were stationary but the effect was the very same: ethereal -- but grounded and strong.

this image of the stars around my head has come back to me off and on ever since. its like a sudden slideshow. i get so many ideas that stay with me this way until i implement them.

that's the way i found my bantu knots.

i saw myself with my hair like that in a (day)dream, playing a silver resophonic guitar and wearing a white gown covered in diamelles. i didn't even know what the hairstyle was called. (and at the time, playing the guitar was the farthest thing from my mind.) i would go into natural hair salons and no one knew what i was talking about. then one day, i went to a place in midtown called locks and chops and told them what i wanted. there was one person who knew what it was. needless to say, michelle is still doing my hair to this day. she's got her own hair salon in staten island.

i'm not crafty but could i make a crown like that? could someone make it for me?

of course i had to go inside...

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piu piu said...

cute. i always wanted hair like that. but it doesnt suit white girls, and my hairs too slippery to stick.