Tuesday, March 22, 2005

i want my body back!

my momentary depression that had lasted for several months last fall was actually a blessing in disguise because it knocked a lot of chunk off of my frame. i must have lost something like 20 pounds. basically, i was sad and didn't know it. i'd stay in bed for days on end, watching cable, playing my guitar in the dark and drinking bottled water. pretty soon, i just couldn't leave the house. this behavior didn't last that long but the after effect certainly did. after awhile, acquaintances would give me compliments about the way i looked and ask if i'd been working out a lot. oh yeah, it was the "no solid food" workout.

thankfully, i started working out. i reached a plateau recently and realized that i needed a little push -- something that would motivate me to work harder physically, for optimum results by the time the spring really hits. i wanted my body back by the time the weather would allow me to take off my bulky clothing. i don't obsess about how much i weigh. reclaiming my body means not feeling sluggish or drained at the start of the day. no aches and pains and whatnot. i want lots of energy and strength and flexibility. i want to be able to fit into all of my clothes. nothing extra-fancy. just the basics.

i don't know where i saw it -- probably in a fitness magazine or something -- but i went online and joined Self magazine's fitness challenge. i have to write down everything i eat and every workout thing i do, even if it's just a long walk. so far, so good: i bought a pair of Gap size 6 low rise denim trousers earlier this month to motivate me and now they actually fit comfortably.

what's trippy is that i (who usually sleeps until noon) am willing to get to the gym every morning before 9am to make this happen. will i pull this off or not? i'll keep you posted.

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