Wednesday, March 02, 2005


all i can think about right now is the stuff i'm going to buy with that cash money that's coming to me from my tax return. all of this stuff is dancing around just above my head like little sugarplums:
  1. a tricked out laptop that's powerful enough to let me record songs while i'm on the road
  2. an ipod that takes/stores pictures
  3. a digital camera so i can add visuals to all these words
  4. a cell phone that i can use while travelling outside of the u.s.a.
  5. a four in one copier/scanner/fax/printer machine
at least i've got a good palm pilot and cell phone. and a hardcover for my baby taylor, so i can travel with it.

i've made an appointment to see my accountant early next week, so i'm going to spend the rest of the day sifting through my reciepts, making lists and adding everything up. and sure, i'm bracing myself, but i've written everything down in painstaking detail in my palm pilot "expenses" section and i've saved everything, so maybe i'm ahead of myself and this won't hurt like i think it will. either way, i'm going to have a happy spring because i will finally have caught up with everyone else and my little office will finally be up-to-date and complete. wow. i'm so glad i always had extra money withheld whenever i got paid.

i wonder if i'll have enough money left over to get a video camera?

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SoberTillNoon said...

Well, as far as number five is concerned, it is not really on par with the rest of the list. One can obtain a decent all in one for a reasonable price. The most one should spend is something like 80 dollars on it.