Saturday, October 08, 2011

occupy wall street #1: mr. jesse lagreca - fox news' worst nightmare

am i the last person on earth to see the fox news interview of mr. jesse lagreca that happened earlier this week? the one they refused to air?

todd the merman told me about this interview in passing earlier today when i was wandering through the brooklyn flea with him and mpb. to tell you the truth, i almost didn't believe him. it sounded like something he made up: a generic looking fox news producer named griff jenkins plunges into the crowd in the heart of occupy wall street territory to find someone that will answer a few basic questions about the movement. sounds easy, right? especially easy when you think of the way fox news tends to twist questions and tilt everything towards their side of the argument.

he ends up with what looks like a fairly harmless victim -- an expressionless, clean shaven, pudgy looking white guy in a civil war cap. who would have guessed that guy was jesse lagreca, a freelance writer and frequent commentator for the daily kos. mr. lagreca proceeded to give this producer a gigantic smackdown of epic proportions politically on camera that has reverberated around the world, one internet click at a time.

of course, fox refused to air the footage. this from the "fair and balanced" network, after the producer said that they were there to give voice to whatever he had to say. (and yes, he said that on camera.) that's okay, though, because someone shot the interview. that footage exploded onto the internet and now media outlets all over the planet are interviewing mr. lagreca, including abc news' this week with christiane amanpour on sunday. i can't wait to hear what he's got to say next.

if you'd like to read a transcription of the following video, click here.

...and here's a pretty cool follow up interview.

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