Thursday, July 07, 2011

What's in YOUR purse?

after reading this blog entry from stylist olori swank, i realized that a lot of people who know me usually wonder aloud when they're around me as to what is in my purse. i usually carry vintage purses because i figure it's less likely that i'll see anyone else with what i've got. to my way of thinking, style is much more important than fashion.

here's what lives in my purse -- as of today. (i don't know what's more shocking/annoying: the amount of stuff i carry everywhere or how much this says about who i am.)
  1. enid collins purse. (yes, i collect these. i found the latest one at a vintage/antique shop in brattleboro, vt for $30. go figure.)
  2. ipod shuffle (tres retro!) and big ol' sony headphones
  3. lucas' papaw ointment (if you are in the us of a and if you are black like me and if you have any of this in your purse, i owe you a coke.)
  4. a large coach wallet
  5. moo business cards in their tidy leather holder
  6. housekeys
  7. a small handmade gold compact with pam grier's picture embossed on it
  8. multivitamins for the day
  9. a chococat contact lens compact w/lens holder
  10. a hand-embroidered vintage handkerchief
  11. pocket kleenex tissues
  12. android phone
  13. android phone charger
  14. pens i love to write with
  15. bejeweled journal
  16. a good book, usually a bio (now finishing up bessie by chris albertson)
  17. a small bottle of motrin ib
  18. purell hand sanitizer
  19. small bottle of kiehl's creme de corps
  20. small container of kiehl's superbly restorative skin salve
  21. tide-to-go instant stain remover
  22. nars lipstick -- "scarlet empress" (heh.)
  23. vintage 50s ray ban shades and container
okay, yikes. this is too much for one purse. but all of it is so...necessary. i've got to be able to read and write and listen to cool stuff everywhere i go. one small slight disclaimer: most of these items are in a small clear plastic zip bag -- a purse in my purse, if you will -- so i can transfer it easily from one bag to another. really uncomplicates things.

hm. i feel another enid collins box purse coming on...

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