Thursday, April 21, 2011

popcorn, anyone?

summer is coming, believe it or not -- and that means watching (usually) visually bombastic, (sometimes) mindnumbingly cool, (almost always) fun hollywood pap. and why not? film was meant to be a great escape. it's when you think you know where it's taking you that makes it even more fun than you assumed it was going to be.

this is the stuff i'm looking forward to seeing, in all of it's seemingly innocuous glory.

of course, something in me can't help but pay very close attention as to whether or not any actors of color are in supporting roles. because yes, it matters. statistics have proven time and again that when other cultures and perspectives are included in the storyline by simply having that person of color on screen as a non-stereotype, the powers that be are inadvertently teaching everyone how to get along. and then there's that bottom line, again -- i mean, seriously. don't you want everybody's money?

well, now. thor has idris elba in a co-starring role. 'nuff said. and yes -- for that reason alone, i'll be seeing this one first.

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