Saturday, December 04, 2010


i was going to have a beauty day today but i got my hair done super early and i was so overwhelmed by how amazing it looked that i went back to bed, scribbled out some fresh lyrics and had tea. and that was cool. because sometimes beauty day is mental health day. but usually, i need way more. and lately i'm feeling like i need a massive overhaul, a few days to get myself together. now that my daytime hours are gone, i don't know where i'm going to find it.

my definition of an overhaul doesn't look anything like demi moore's situation. i'm not mad at her, not in the least. if i had millions, i'd spare no expense. but then again, i don't think i'd have to.

i know where i can grocery shop, do laundry, pick up emergency items, even. (what does duane reade NOT have?) i can go to koreatown and shower/steam/soak to my heart's content -- but where can i get a mani/pedi in this town in the middle of the night?

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