Saturday, October 02, 2010

october already?

yes, it's really october. the sunniest days have a chill in the air that feels like a subtle warning. bad weather isn't mood inducing for me. all i can really do to maintain my equilibrium is pray and stay grateful, keep a clean, well organized kitchen and keep going to boxing class, steady pounding that bag.

i've learned how to hibernate, the hard way. in a book, a biography, in someone else's life, another place and time, someone else's lesson learned. in museums, getting lost inside my favorite paintings and other works of art, with my permanent boyfriend by my side, giving me some sort of insight i hadn't considered. in a teacup, in a tea pot, in a dish stacked with ginger nuts and figs and cheese. in my kitchen, figuring out some brand new thing to do with a few pounds of chicken and a fistful of fresh herbs. in a speakeasy, in the bottom of a cocktail glass.

there are all kinds of apples in every farmer's market but i feel like i haven't had a decent peach all summer. for some strange reason, that makes me sadder than heavy weather ever could.

wouldn't it be nice to have some stuffed peaches for dessert tonight?

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