Wednesday, November 11, 2009

a thousand words

this photo is an outtake of me in the backroom at dutch kills last week, casually getting my picture taken for album cover art by the one and only cybel martin. i am framed by songwriter/band leader jc hopkins on the left and musician/composer j walter hawkes on the right. the shoot went very well. we did it on the fly and everything. there's only a few pictures that i'm deeply love with -- but thankfully, that's all i need.

and in other news: i've got a new year's eve eve gig and a new year's eve gig, both in the same place -- the player's club.

good times.

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AJ Muhammad said...

As the hard working ubiqiutous actress Tamara Tunie said, "Work leads to more work!" And so that is true of you too it seems!!! Fabulous!