Tuesday, December 02, 2008

my beauty spot

today as i count my thank yous, i am especially grateful to jeniette salon in union square.

most city girls i know of have their favorite beauty spot to get themselves all dolled up. then again, most city girls i know of are in the business. it took me awhile, but i figured it out when i started doing on camera work, and the process kind of bled into the rest of my life and gave me strange habits, like parafin wax treatments for my hands. the deal is, if you want to look a certain way, you have to get professional treatments. all the time? once in awhile? every blue moon? that depends on what you want to look like -- or rather, how much you actually need.

in a city this saturated with salons and such, the search can get hair-splittingly specific -- this place for facials, that place for eyebrows, and so on. i'm afraid i've become one of those women who bounce all over the city to get what they really want. a great end result is always worth it but i'm especially obsessive about these things because what i look like is what may get me work.

sometimes it takes awhile to find them but when you do, you can't really go anyplace else. it's like a weird compulsion. or maybe it's a new york city thing. why am i always going to the same restaurant and ordering the same thing over and over again? same reason. i know

i've been in and out of jeniette salon for so long that i can't remember when i started going there in the first place. it started with the eyebrows but after my first pedicure, i was addicted. time and time again they have made my rough, ugly misshapen feet beautiful. when i show up looking like fred flintstone from the ankles down, it's almost shocking, how soft and supple my legs and feet are when i leave. i have my own numbered box, too -- with my nail supplies and everything. how cool is that?

frankly, i wouldn't think about letting anyone else touch my eyebrows except rosa. i don't know what i'm going to do if i ever leave the city.

on mondays and tuesdays, they have a special -- manicure and pedicure, only $30. cash only. so yeah -- i'm skipping out of the house right now to see marguerite. i'm so grateful that i've found my beauty spot. here's to you, if you've found yours.

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