Saturday, November 08, 2008

gone fishin'...

while writing is always a constant at the start of my day -- whether i'm putting pen to paper or making my pithy thoughts come alive electronically on these pages -- i can't seem to pull it off very well while i'm living out of a suitcase.  there's a lot of business to take care of and there are a lot of ideas flying around and there is a lot of love in the room and there are way too many happy albeit dissonant distractions in my head.  in a week, i will have returned to my harlem manse and settled back into my daily bump and grind, and hopefully i will have made a substantial amount of progress.  i've certainly left you plenty to peruse while i am away.

rest assured that i shall return victorious, much encouraged and full of the sun.

until that happy moment, i leave you with this: a small slight snippet of the one and only ivie anderson with duke ellington and his orchestra singing -- appropriately enough -- oh, babe! maybe someday

isn't she something?!

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