Tuesday, May 06, 2008

jimi hendrix sex tape?

here's the question of the moment: does the-one-and-only guitarist/rock and roll icon jimi hendrix have a sex tape?

evidently, we'll find out today. porn giant vivid entertainment is releasing 45 minutes of grainy 40 year old footage that contains what they're describing as jimi hendrix having his way with not one but two brunettes, on a special website. the jimi hendrix estate says its a hoax. (and why wouldn't they?) so does jimi's longtime girlfriend kathy etchingham, whose remark about the man in question on the video -- "his nose is too broad" -- made one friend of mine say, maybe she doesn't remember how black jimi actually looked. heh.

she also said he was "too shy" to do something like this. well, maybe he had those moments with her -- but he certainly wasn't "too shy" to let two girls backstage inbetween shows to work him up enough to make a plaster of his junk.

clearly, cynthia plaster caster says it is jimi. and truth be told, so does the plaster cast mold that she and her assistant made of his erect, um, instrument. interestingly enough, pamela des barres, who romped around with everyone back in the day, says that's jimi.

what's disturbing is how much money this company is probably going to make from this video. what could be more exploitative than taking advantage of a famous dead person and wrecking a name and a reputation that they can't defend?

here's the real kicker: what if those brunettes step forward and authenticate the video? where are they? i wonder what they'll look like, if they're still alive? they're probably church-going grandmas by now.

can you imagine, sitting down and explaining what you were doing in that video to your kids and your grandkids?

i don't know if there's lots of porn out there of famous people. but i know for sure that there will never be an end to the people who will stand up and say that they have access to that porn, and for X amount of money, they'll gladly let you see it. the porn that marilyn monroe supposedly did as a starlet was a total hoax -- but now that the information has circled the globe that she's a porn star, who's going to believe that she's not?

and that's the real harm that's being done to mr. hendrix.

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