Tuesday, February 26, 2008

good news, sort of

i got picked for a SXSW showcase, thanks to Music Gorilla. i'm not so sure i'll go, though. read all about it here.


Anika said...

You have to go! I used to got SXSW back in the 90s and it was fun. I've heard it's changed, but a million bands that don't completely suck and lot of parties...and they have wifi all over the place!

And I'm begging you please allow OpenID on your blog. For me. ;) I don't comment much because I don't want to use my blogger account since I've moved to WordPress.

queenesther said...

your enthusiasm is infectious but (un)fortunately, it's way too late now. everything is underway there as we "speak" -- and to tell you the truth, i'm kind of relieved that i didn't go. i didn't have the cash to lay out and i'm not so sure i would have brought my "A" game to the table.

one thing is for sure: like Christmas, SXSW is always on its way.

"Open ID"? let me look into that...