Sunday, October 14, 2007


i’ve always been able to write. i get an idea and words spill out of me like running water. i wonder what it would be like to have writer’s block?

once upon a time, i used that skill to create one person shows for myself as a solo performer. writing screenplays seemed possible but farfetched, somehow. my friend carrie used to encourage me an awful lot. i’d write things and we’d bat them back and forth and dissect them. but all of it ended up percolating in the back of my mind after she passed away, and time marched on like it always does.

while cleaning out my apartment, i found a script that i wrote for a screenwriting class i took at the new school in the early 90s, to finish my BA degree. it was a treatment and less than 10 pages of dialogue—but the teacher wrote encouraging words all over it, and i remember my initial intent and what i wanted to say and why, and i got excited all over again.

what’s the worst that would happen if i got that extra special fancy screenwriting software and simply finished it?

that’s what my friend carrie would ask me if she were here, by the way. she would say, why don’t you finish it for fun? and my answer would have to be why not? i really don’t have a reason not to – she and i both know that. it’s all about time and effort and that doesn’t cost money.

what a cool way to encourage someone – especially me, the world’s biggest procrastinator.

God, i miss her.

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