Monday, September 17, 2007

the next gig

here's the invite for the next gig this friday at harlem stage/the gatehouse. i wanted it to look modern, yet vaguely edwardian. my friend made it for me.

i'm really looking forward to this. the upsouth international book festival is a beautiful thing. it's happening all week. it's not just words -- it's all kinds of live performances. dance. performance art. music. it's in a great space, too. what's especially sweet is that they've dedicated the entire festival to sekou sundiata. his name will also remain on the program as a speaker.

i'm the only music on friday night. i'm hoping for a strong performance on video.

unfortunately, the phone number in the flyer is wrong. bizarrely enough, i got it off the web. if you want to come, you have to call 212 281 9240 x 19 or x 20.

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