Monday, August 20, 2007

sorry about that...

sorry i haven't been here in the past few weeks. daily living in the city makes me feel like a hamster on a habitrail. the weather seems to reflect my inner life, as of late: there are days when it has been as soggy and unseasonably cold as london-town at its abysmally gray and rainy best. when the sun is out, it feels like san francisco -- bright and crisp, like a perfect autumn day. except i'm in a backless sundress and it's august. today is no exception.

there is good news, as always, if i choose to see it: i'm getting my body back, i've written even more songs, and i'm climbing out of debt. and no, i'm not al dimieola by any far stretch of the imagination. not yet. not ever. but i'm sticking to my little guitar lessons -- and shockingly, bar chords are easier. progress always gives you something good to hold onto, no matter where it comes from.

i'm totally reconfiguring my apartment. in doing so, i'm throwing away things i've been holding onto for years. old clothes. paperwork. you name it. i'm quite the pack rat, so there's a lot of stuff. i just realized the other day that i really am grieving. i think that clearing everything out and rearranging things is one of the ways that i'm dealing with so much death. it's giving me something to wrestle with, when my mind wanders.

thankfully, there's always room for live music -- sunday night at the knitting factory's old office, marvin sewell shared the bill with jef lee johnson's trio, featuring ronny drayton. at one point, all three of them were onstage, jamming with jef lee's rythm section. that was nothing short of incredible.

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