Sunday, November 19, 2006

a few thousand words

norris bennett and queen esther

this is norris bennett on mountain dulcimer and myself on vocals (with a slight visual of henrique prince behind me on fiddle) at sekou sundiata's wedapeople cabaret at the gatehouse in harlem a few weeks ago.

queen esther @ the gatehouse

this is what the stage area looked like. of course, the acoustics are amazing. so easy to imagine the water rushing through the place when it was a water plant in 1890. it's a remarkable achievement that they were able to preserve the intregity of the building the way that they did. the venue holds about 200 people. it was a sold-out night.

queen esther @ the gatehouse

here's a shot of the rythym section: dave on bass and boo on acoustic guitar.

coming soon: video footage.

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