Saturday, September 02, 2006

what happened?

one of the most charming things about living in new york city is the way the weather changes on cue each season, like a child's picture book, with the appropriate settings and details. winter, snow. fall, leaves. summer, sun. spring, blooming things. to be honest, it's not every winter day in the south that it snows, which is why hardly anyone can drive when there's the slightest bit of ice on the ground. in texas, it stays mild all year round. i have sublime memories of running around in shorts and a t shirt in austin, in what was supposedly the dead of winter.

i don't know what happened.

last week, it was very nearly in the 90s, with picture-perfect days and breezy nights that felt like indian summer. today it feels as though the sun shrivelled up and died. there is wind and rain and a perpetually gray sky that presses down onto me whenever i'm outside, like it's trying to shove me onto the pavement. i don't like it. all i can think about are my winter clothes: what i have, what i need, what i must fit into. you know what? the real reason why i work out like crazy is because i'm too broke/cheap to buy new clothes every season. i've only got 3 weeks at best to get back into those woolen pencil skirts. God help me.

i don't even know what i want to look like this winter. one thing is certain -- i can't stand the way everyone is wallowing in the 80s these days. i was there and you know what? it was tacky then and it still is.

this weather change is too abrubt. like little orphan annie sang, the sun will come out tomorrow -- but that chill in the air isn't going anywhere. it's got me staying in -- playing guitar, writing songs, working out ideas. it's actually quite relaxing, to get so much done. i suppose anything that keeps me steady at it with the lyrics and the songwriting can't be a bad thing. and i've made sure that there's no reason for me to go out by stocking the fridge with plenty of good things to eat, for me as well as my friend.

oh. the reason why i'm pushing and shoving with my guitar playing is so i can get good enough to take a guitar/music theory class at the new school (my alma mater) this fall. i have to take a placement interview before i can register. that should happen in the next week or two. wish me luck.

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