Wednesday, August 23, 2006

this hurts, too

  1. use The Salary Calculator to find out how much you'd need to live in another city anywhere in the world.
  2. before you do that, you might want to check with The Salary Wizard to find out what your job is worth -- and if you're getting paid what you should. (then again, who is?)
  3. this might help: it's the IRS Withholding Calculator.
  4. the Rent vs. Buy Calculator tells you how much you want to spend every month and how much you'd have to put down on your house.
  5. i love this one. it's a Mortgage Qualification Calculator that estimates how much money lenders will expect you to earn, to get any money from them.
  6. use this Debt Consolidation Calculator to find out your debt to income ratio.
  7. this one is my favorite: a Debt Reduction Calculator. (you don't even want to know when this thing says i'll be debt free...)
  8. everyone knows how old they are chronologically but tells you how old you are physically. and yes. according to their calculations, i'm 26. (hey, don't blame me. blame my life of no debauchery.)
  9. here's a Dog Age Calculator and a Cat Age Calculator so you can find out how old "Buddy" and "Snowball" really are.
  10. ...and last but not least: i'm not sure about The Death Calculator but since it's all lifestyle related, it's pretty interesting to see what it says.

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