Tuesday, July 25, 2006

ah, the rainbow room

the rainbow room

what a fun, cool gig this was.

every friday and saturday night, the rainbow room in rockefeller center features a three course prix-fixe menu provided by cipriani's, along with live music and that incredible revolving dance floor. with such a high dress code, a perfectly sumptuous room and the most beautiful view of the city to accompany it, i was enthralled from the moment i entered the building. to be honest, this wasn't my first time at this particular rodeo. i've been singing there for private parties and galas and such for awhile now. i think i forgot what a glamorous slice of old new york city it truly is. i mean, come on. when you want to dress up and be truly elegant, and dance to a big band that plays standards until one in the morning, where else can you go?

there's a latin band that plays for 20 minutes and there's a big band that plays for 40 minutes, from 8pm - 1am. as the bands change places, the pianist and the bassist play a song or two. that's right. continuous music. on saturday night, i was the replacement girl singer for the big band. that means that i got to show up well-heeled and ready in a rather fetching silk diane von furstenburg dress, change into a beautiful gown eventually and nibble on tasty things like key lime pie and salmon and roasted asparagus all night long until they featured me for two or three standards for each set. whenever i was in doubt about an arrangement, the trumpet player would count me in. it was an audience that knew how to listen as well as dance. some of them come every weekend. that's so gratifying to a singer, to phrase something in a particular way in the middle of a song and have someone respond spontaneously with applause. i was so sad when the evening ended. then again, it made me a little sad to be up so high, anyway. i couldn't stop thinking about the world trade center's windows on the world. that place was such a jewel.

what does it take to make me happy? an adorable little old man in black pants, a crisp snow-white jacket and black bowtie tipping the door of the kitchen open into the makeshift backstage area and stage-whispering "la reina! tuna tartare!" over and over again until i slowly make my way into the kitchen towards a gigantic silver tray of loveliness. boy, i tell you -- it doesn't take much to make me happy.

my satisfaction, on the other hand, is a completely different story.

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