Sunday, May 08, 2005

Top 25 Most Played (on my iTunes)

  1. holdin' on to nothin'/dolly parton & porter wagoner
  2. desaparecido/manu chao
  3. pretty noose/soundgarden
  4. bell bottom blues/derek and the dominoes
  5. i want you to want me/dwight yoakam
  6. lady sniff (yes, this is my favorite butthole surfers song...)/the butthole surfers
  7. L-O-V-E/al green
  8. rockin' pneumonia/professor longhair
  9. one monkey don't stop no show/big maybelle
  10. a song for you/donny hathaway
  11. white girl/x (my favorite x song)
  12. it's a tie! "oh, happy day" and "joy, joy"/the edwin hawkins singers (if i had a favorite song, the latter one would probably be it...)
  13. can't let go/lucinda williams
  14. harmony/elton john
  15. how i could just kill a man/rage against the machine
  16. swingin' party/the replacements
  17. sara smile/hall & oates
  18. little t&a/the rolling stones (my favorite stones song)
  19. the crusher/the cramps
  20. theme from "midnight cowboy"/john barry
  21. nothing is true/jim carroll band
  22. my big iron skillet/wanda jackson
  23. marvelous/walter hawkins and the love alive choir
  24. touch me, i'm sick /mudhoney
  25. sinnerman/nina simone

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