Friday, April 29, 2005

yes, women are commitment-phobes, too...

if this fiasco doesn't prove that women are just as afraid of commitment as men are, then i don't know what possibly could.

over $100,000 gathered from friends and family in reward money. over 100 police and law enforcement officials looking for her. national media coverage. the whole country is freaking out! and her parents, out of their minds with the fear that something horrible had happened to her. and her fiance. they thought he killed her! how many lie detector tests did he have to go through while everyone looked at him sideways? and why, why did she put everyone through this? because she had cold feet and she didn't have the guts to face her fiance and cancel her wedding, or at least postpone it (a big wedding, too--something like 600 guests with 12 bridesmaids and 12 groomsmen).

what could she possibly have been thinking? i know! i'm having a morning jog, soooo...why don't i just keep going right into the horizon, like some newfangled energizer bunny -- with no cash, no id, no nothing -- and this whole marriage thing will magically go away...or make itself right...or something... she basically called home when she got hungry and thirsty enough to stop the charade.

what an unbelievably selfish and self-centered thing to do. i can't believe she's not going to jail.

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