Thursday, May 31, 2012

this explains everything! (but not really...)

i know i'm going to sound like a gigantic hippie and no i don't believe in this stuff wholeheartedly but i'm going to say it anyway: venus is in retrograde from may 15 to june 27.  that retrograde action is a strange thing. every 20 months for about 6 weeks, the planet venus appears to be going backwards from our earthly perspective. 

here's where the rubber hits the road: retrograde motion means that everything pulls back and gives you a chance to deal with the area of your past that involves that particular planet. venus represents love and beauty, so that means if there are unresolved issues in your love life, they may resurface now.  circumstance is literally taking you back to the past, to deal with it and move on.  i'm thinking, i dealt with this stuff already. but if i had, it wouldn't be resurfacing, now would it.

this may explain why i'm running into certain people right now, why i can't stop thinking about certain people right now, why certain people are contacting me right now, why i'm insisting on reaching out to certain people right now and why certain people can't seem to connect with me right now.


it also kicks up a lot of dirt in your current relationships -- if there is any.

there's way more, of course. read all about that here and here, if you feel like it. the bottom line is, if you deal with your junk, you will grow exponentially. but that's true no matter what.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

"Not being beautiful was the true blessing. Not being beautiful forced me to develop my inner resources. The pretty girl has a handicap to overcome." -- Golda Meir

sorry i've been so incognegress on this blog. i've been having slam dancing alone for the past few weeks.  it has been glorious.  somehow all of the percussive reconnecting and shutting down and running around and thinking too much shook quite a bit loose, thus inducing a dreamlike state of play that has allowed me to create and rethink and wander aimlessly internally, spinning yarns in this lackadaisical way that is more focused and intense than anything i'd try to muster if i sat still and tried and tried and tried. 

everything is so beautiful. there is so much love in the world. i am entranced by the wonder of it all. i'm sure that things will turn ugly but even that will have its own beauty to explore and demolish.  in the meantime, i will continue to tell stories, whether i'm singing or not.

now and always, the sun will shine within me. same as it ever did. something inside of me will continue to bloom and grow beneath the clear expansive sky in my southern soul.  it simply can't be helped.

at the moment, i'm gearing up for some serious fun.

since my birthday is in june, i've decided that all 30 days should have a celebratory event of epic proportions.  i've got to make appointments here and there but for the most part, this will be fairly spontaneous. that alone makes me just a wee bit giddy.  i have every intention of documenting all of it here.

one thing is certain: i will take risks.