Friday, August 31, 2012

once in a blue moon

the blue moon is making me sway in broad daylight.

i can feel it pulling me towards what can only be described as my permanent cliffhanger, the one that lurches along, free floating just above my head, just out of reach.  a series of what ifs spill all over me, out of breath and scurrying to fall into place.  they know where to go. they know how to get there. it's all i can do to get out of the way, stay out of the way.  don't block the blessings, someone said to me in passing the other day. 

 i am filled with the kind of wanderlust that only a true pirate can understand.

all at once, i feel lighter and stronger and more realized and more vulnerable than ever.  i am filled with energy and i am completely exhausted.  i am losing weight. i am gaining ground. i am filled with joy. i love everyone -- even the people i can't stand. (crazy, right?) even in my sleep, i hit the ground running. i make lists, endlessly. i box and when i do i think, am i getting any better at this? and then i look at my stance, i look at my left hook, i look at my body and i see progress. i can't even begin to tell you how good it feels to hit something over and over again. hard. (hulk smash!)

everyday is boxing. everyday is practice - voice, piano, guitar. everyday is rewrites - libretto, one act play, lyrics, short stories, novella. everyday is a long walk and thinking aloud with a confidante. everyday is making beautiful art out of nothing. everyday is the dream made real.

all of this is churning inside me violently whilst i sing and dance and win pie baking contests and have fun in the sun.

the blue moon won't happen again until july 2015. i hope you make this one count, where ever you are. as for me, i will sit and spin contentedly and wallow in the strange velocity of my life.

photos and video coming soon. (really!)

Attention, West Harlem: the garden at @thechippedcup is now open - and it is BEAUTIFUL!

(when the weather is nice, my writing desk is at the chipped cup.)