Sunday, March 13, 2011

Press Release for The Field's EAR Showcase

here i sit, running lines and slowly working my way through blocking in my harlem apartment before i head to chelsea in a few hours to rehearse with ken roberson for next week's showcase. i can't believe this residency is almost over. it feels good, shockingly achingly good, to have something meaningful and substantial to show for my time and effort. after this, onto the next -- but what a lovely moment i've had, tromping all the way to the west side through the freezing cold and the filthy snow to a warm emotionally/creatively safe place to explore my freshest ideas and make art.

the press release is below. one performance only. and yes it will get videotaped.


The Field Emerging Artist in Residency Showcase

Monday March 21st, 7:30pm

The Kitchen, 512 West 19th Street NY, NY

Tickets: $15, advance and at the door

Information and Tickets:

The Field Emerging Artist Residency showcase proudly presents the performance work of Queen Esther, Maija Garcia/Organic Magnetics, Sara Zimmerman, Josselyn Levinson Dances, Yanghee Lee, Marie Christine Katz and Becky Radway Dance Projects at The Kitchen, Monday March 21st at 7:30pm. These seven unique artists present and array of new work drawing from diverse artistic and cultural backgrounds. The products of an extensive community driven feedback process, these in depth and carefully crafted performance works ranging from contemporary dance, physical theater and performance art promise a thought provoking and compelling evening of new work.

Queen Esther presents a segment from her one person show currently in development, “The Big Payback” – a comedic socio-political romp about reparations, directed by Ken Roberson with music by Jon Diaz. Through sound and vision, storytelling, song and dance, “The Big Payback” takes the viewer through the history of Africans in America as 7 characters – a Japanese-American grandma, a socially downward Harlemite, a jaded Alabama housewife, a Native American tribal leader, a Boston dock worker, an overachieving ATL-ien and a Serbian “dancer” in Brighton Beach – reflect on their disparate yet somehow intertwined experiences and how the idea of reparations has touched each of their lives intimately. Collectively, they speak to the notion of what is owed and to whom and why.

Josselyn Levinson Dances presents an excerpt from her dance theater work “Itemized”. Blurring the line between installation, theater and contemporary dance, “Itemized” explores the affects of materialistic accumulation in our society. Set against a backdrop littered with receipts and a sound score of live text and pop music, “Itemized” asks, how much do we need in order to feel whole?

Sara Zimmerman presents Big Exit, a physical theater performance created in collaboration with Eliza Ladd. The piece is a theatrical love letter to all the human beings who feel stuck in dead end jobs and dream of flight. Big Exit celebrates the strange and beautiful ways imagination and fantasy can lead to escape!

“The three seconds” presented by Yanghee Lee / The Limbo Project, is derived from the vocative effects of displacing the human bodies in one space to another, including the potential effects of their exterior or interior movements. This multi-faceted happening utilizes the elements of sounds from the human bodies, and non-narrative physical movements act as an installation in different formats which are part of the 'accumulation' in time and space. These hybrid associations are encountered for their aesthetic properties, moment to moment, as conceptual signifiers carrying a light of connotations.

Marie Christine Katz’s new work, "Unravel”, invites you to enter into a universe where your imagination weaves together the threads of a different reality.

Becky Radway Dance Projects presents an excerpt of “Palisade”, a new work that encloses the performers in a fully palpable environment by reining them in with audience on opposing sides and a movable fence structure. Delving into the intimate encounters created by this enclosure, the work is filled with tactile investigation, assisted movement, and animalistic exploration.

Majia Garcia’s Organic Magnetics, comprised of artists from Cuba, Trinidad, Mexico, Germany, Nigeria, Japan, Canada and the US, presents “Co-Incidence”. A study of overlapping patterns; an experience of time as a cycle that connects us all by the migration stories of our ancestors. Identifying hidden layers that compose and expose the diverse and complex culture of NYC, “Co-Incidence” asks who we are, where we come from, and how we all ended up here in this melting pot- by force or choice; by boat, train or plane? And what do we do with the stories? Stir it up!

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Saturday, March 05, 2011

The 2011 Emerging Artists Winter Residency Performances at The Kitchen, 3/21

This is a showcase for an idea I've been carrying around in the pit of me for way too long -- a one person show about reparations called The Big Payback. Actually, I was actively developing it off and on awhile back but other things rushed in as is often the case in New York City and the project got derailed. The winter residency with The Field was an ideal way to grow this concept all over again.

I shall always be forever grateful for those many rehearsal hours that eagerly awaited me, deep in the heart of West Chelsea. I trudged through the filthy snow in the dark, pushed and shoved along by the wind and sometimes the black ice. Armed with a laptop, a pair of indestructible snowpants and a vivid imagination, I made my way to the safety of a warm incubatory space. Unbelievable, how much of this piece I fleshed out in that room.

I should spend every winter hibernating creatively. It would be worth it, if I could always have results like this.

I always meant to have a live music component but this has evolved to include multimedia, too -- images, video, some interviews maybe -- which really excites me for some strange reason. I really want to be inclusive on this subject and not just go on about 40 acres and a mule because clearly, reparations is a global issue.

Now that I have a wonderful director in Mr. Ken Roberson to steer this project, a rough draft -- and with this performance, a videotaped segment -- this train has finally left the station.

For tickets and more information, please click here.

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Emerging Artist Residency Showcase
Maija Garcia

Presented by The Field

Monday, March 21st



The Kitchen

512 West 19th Street

between 10th and 11th Avenues



In Advance with Visa or Mastercard

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Join us for an evening of works-in-progress as the Winter 2011 Emerging Artist Residents harvest their creative crop...

Artists include:

Queen Esther

Maija Garcia

Sara Zimmerman

Josselyn Levinson

Yanghee Lee

Marie Christine Katz

Becky Radway Dance Projects

Workshops facilitated by Susan Oetgen